1/4cupalmond butter
coconut oil
fresh fruit for topping or to mix into batter
honey or maple syrup for topping

Mash banana, until completely smooth, mix with egg.
Stir in almond butter, add more if you want a more pancake-like consistency in the batter.
Alternately, place bananas, eggs and almond butter in food processor for quick mixing and thorough.
Grease pan with coconut oil.
Pour batter on skillet over very lowheat and brown on each side. You may want to clean, and reoil the skillet after each pancake.
Top with fresh fruit, honey or maple syrup, or grassfed butter. Eat plain if you’d like. Read the comments below for tips from people who have tried. These pancakes tend to give people lots of trouble due to the fact that there is no gluten to make them stick together.